I spent Saturday hanging out with my friend Arthur at the Paris Zoo (in the Bois de Vincennes).  To get there I ended up walking by the Chocolate Museum, which was quite difficult to pass over, but the beauty of living so close to Paris is that I’ll get to go another time.  There was also bright sunshine and a blue sky, which was good motivation to stay outdoors.  I’ll go eat chocolate when it’s raining, which is apparently going to be all the time pretty soon.  I’m kind of sad about it.

The zoo itself is pretty small even though it’s contained within a giant park: no tigers or bears, but I did see a yawning lion.  It kind of takes the intimidation factor out of the situation when the lion is too sleepy to eat you.  I attempted to get a picture in the middle of a yawn to see if it would look scary at all (i.e. as if he was actually roaring) but he didn’t time his yawns very well.  Next time.  I did, however, get one of the giraffes to look at me for a while.

I won the staring contest.
I won the staring contest.

There was also a super cute baby giraffe in the back of the pack that refused to come say hi, but I took a picture anyways.  If I stand way up on my tippy-toes I’m almost as tall as her (minus ~20 cm) according to the chart next to the enclosure.  We would totally be friends.

giraffe_babySome other highlights include seeing the penguins swimming and splashing around as they got fed and the wolf run laps around his enclosure (I think he was timing himself).  I also very much enjoyed the vulture that saw some people come over with a camera (or maybe just saw the shiny part of the camera?) so it flew down and started extending out its wings and cocking its head to the side as if it was posing.  Quite the drama queen.

And, of course, zoos are excellent places for people-watching.  It’s always entertaining to see all the little kids in bright orange t-shirts following an adult around like little ducklings, but it’s even more fun to see them run into each other all the way down the line if the leader stops suddenly, or look around in confusion if another visitor cuts through the line and then the kid can’t see the person in front of him for a split second.  They really need their own display.  There was also a little blonde girl that almost fell head-first into the otter enclosure since she was leaning too far over the fence (her dad caught her).  I take no responsibility for her actions because I, on the other hand, did not fall.

The day ended with a trip to Berthillon’s, the best glacerie in Paris.  I went for peach and apricot sorbet while Arthur had coconut, chocolate, and pear sorbet.  They were all incredibly good (especially when coupled with a view of Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower), but I must tip my hat to the apricot.  Winner every time.  (Hence the reason I ate an entire half of my aunt’s apricot crumble when I visited her the other weekend.  Oops.)