One of my friends in London came to visit me this weekend, so we did the classic Paris tourist walk on Friday afternoon. Until Friday, I hadn’t actually been to the Eiffel Tower in the entire month I’d been in Paris.  I guess more important things like falling on people and disturbing others during theater class were taking up most of my time.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

We saw everything I would expect in a tourist district, from mini light-up Eiffel towers to a guy juggling flaming batons to kids on leashes.


We also saw some unexpected things: a couple of different people were trying to sell these mini walking (more like hobbling) dogs that squeaked unnaturally when they moved. There was also a guy trying to sell a doll with the face of a little blonde girl, which looked innocent enough until the eyes lit up red. She was staring at me. I can’t ever un-see that.