Will and I went on a bike ride today along the San Francisco Bay Trail.  We passed a lot of serious bikers, birdwatchers, and joggers as we moseyed along in the sunshine (in January! Suck it east coast), but two other visitors in particular stuck out among the crowd.

We passed a young Asian boy (six years old, tops)with his parents pretty early on in the ride, and I could hear him talking as I biked by the bench where he was posted up eating sour gummy worms.  “Sixty-four, sixty-five, sixty-six…”  I’m not sure what he was counting but it was obviously very, very important.  About twenty minutes later after having turned around to head home, we biked by the same family walking along the path and I could still hear the little boy counting: “one thousand two, one thousand four, one thousand five…”  Wait, what?  First of all, what happened to one thousand three?!  Secondly, I am wildly impressed by this boy’s concentration (stubbornness).  Only in Silicon Valley.

Speaking of things that would only happen in Silicon Valley, we passed another family of four walking along (two parents plus two middle school-aged boys) and one of the boys was cubing.  As in, in the process of solving his Rubik’s cube.  In the middle of the bike path.  On a sunny Saturday afternoon.  Not even kidding.  Happy Saturday everyone.