What can go wrong will go wrong.  Sometimes you have those days that are so bad it’s just funny.  That’s definitely what happened on my first day of work.  I should have known I was in for something when I burnt my steak the night before AND dropped the soap seven times in the shower.  That’s an omen for sure.

I woke up in the morning having exactly planned the time I needed to do everything before heading out the door (twenty minutes).  Except my roommate was in the bathroom the WHOLE FREAKING TIME and I peed in the other bathroom but didn’t get to wash my face or brush my teeth.

I made my smoothie without complication and headed out the door to the train station, where I arrived a full five minutes early.  Pretty proud of myself.  Except then I was standing on the wrong side of the platform up until 30 seconds before the train actually arrived, meaning I tagged in on the wrong machine and then I had to go tag in on the other side with my transit card, except that just cancelled my trip but I didn’t know it at the time and so I actually didn’t tag at all.  And so when I got to the other side and tagged, it just charged me the full fare instead of one “ride” from Mountain View to San Francisco since it didn’t know where I came from.  Which would have been fine except that made my balance on my card go negative, and they wouldn’t let me on the train on the way home at the end of the day until I fixed that even though I still had rides left.  It was a mess.

Anyways, back to the beginning of the day at the train station.  I have to put my bike on the train since I have a fifteen minute bike ride to get the Exploratorium once the train gets to its final stop in San Francisco.  Except when the train arrived, the conductor announced that only 3 more bikes were allowed on because the bike car was already almost full.  There were 20 of us with bikes waiting on the platform.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fight off the guys in racing helmets and fancy click-in biking shoes and button-up shirts, so I was forced to wait for the later train and had to call my boss to tell her I’d be late.  On the first day.  Moreover, I had tightened the lid to my smoothie too much and couldn’t open it and I was super hungry and a mess.  And of course when I did finally get there, everyone else was already sitting waiting for announcements and everyone stared directly at me when I walked in.  My favorite position to be in.

The morning went well, albeit awkward because no one really wants a shadow so I ended up shadowing the same two people all day.  And then somewhere in the afternoon I looked down and my brand-new navy blue trousers that I got specifically for this job are bright pink on the knee.  That definitely wasn’t there at lunch.  I guess they use bleach to clean up from cow-eye dissections and some got on my pants without my knowledge.  But I really liked those pants.

And then I had to stay a bit later to chat with my boss and missed the earlier train and had to wait a full half hour for the next one and got home later than expected and missed my soccer game.  I was super bummed about it.  But then I ate ice cream with Will at home and everything was okay.