That could totally be the title of the next hit country song. Just sayin’.

Anyways, I had a lovely birthday weekend in Tahoe with Will, minus the pouring rain. We gave up on skiing Saturday afternoon pretty quickly in favor of the hot tub, which was a great decision until it started raining even harder, at which point it got bumped down to a mere good decision because we then had to run across the deck in the cold to leave the tub. Of course, we solved that problem by not leaving. My skin has never been so wrinkly, except for that time that I got super into my book while reading in the tub in elementary school and didn’t stop until I had finished. I was quite the cool kid.

We mostly spent our time sleeping in, drinking hot chocolate, hottubbing, and eating delicious pear and gorgonzola pizza. And an Oreo ice cream cake when we got home! I think my roommates were more excited than I was, which was pretty darn excited. Ice cream cake is my jam.

Lastly I cannot stress enough how important waterproof gloves and pants are when skiing in the rain. Lesson learned.