I’m starting to feel like a real adult now, which was super exciting until I realized it comes with a lot of other responsibilities. Some general stats for the past month since I moved to California:

  •  Times I’ve done laundry (mine and Will’s. Lucky him.): 5
  • Times I’ve cleaned the bathroom: 1
  • Times I’ve cooked dinner: almost every night! With Will’s help when he gets home from work
  • Times I’ve burnt all or part of dinner: a third of the time
  • Times I’ve set off the fire alarm while cooking dinner: 4  (I’m rocking an average of about once a week. It’s pretty bad.)

So domestic.

Being a real person isn’t all fun, but chores and rent and credit card payments are definitely worth it when you consider free time and climbing gyms and no homework ever. I’ll take that trade any day.