So remember how we were talking about being one of those people that wears super old t-shirts that were totally cool back in the day but not anymore?  (I’m pretty sure I could find a soccer shirt from elementary school if I looked hard enough…)

Well, I wore my Caltech Water Polo t-shirt to the gym the other morning and was approached by a guy who apparently played water polo at Caltech in the 80’s.  As a side note, even though I’m done with Caltech I technically don’t even have my diploma yet since I don’t get to walk until June so I’m definitely still allowed to wear college t-shirts.  So today as an experiment, I wore my Fleming Hovse t-shirt (no, that’s not a spelling mistake and yes, hovses at Caltech are similar to those in Harry Potter in that we are basically defined by the hovse we get sorted into our freshman year and no, they don’t use a hat for said sorting process).  So the same guy comes up to me this morning (which isn’t weird since we smile and wave at each other now) and mentions that he was Fleming Hovse Secretary while he was there.  Maybe I’ll wear a Ditch Day t-shirt next time so we can chat about his stack.

Also my boyfriend, also a former member of Fleming, now has a coworker who used to be an RA for Fleming when he was in grad school at Caltech.  I realize that there is probably a larger concentration of Caltech alumni in the Bay Area because of Silicon Valley and startups and smart people and such, but it’s still pretty surprising when it happens.  If only I had more fond memories of my time there… oh wait, all I did was homework all the time forever and ever.  Freakin Caltech.