As the princess of distraction, I have decided to get out of the house and dedicate 3 hours every morning solely to this curriculum job. (I’m not quite the queen of distraction because I do manage to focus sometimes, and also being a princess is so much more fun.  Less responsibility.)  Thus this morning I found myself sitting in a little nook of the Mountain View Public Library this morning overhearing the most bizarre conversation of all time.

Setup: Girl and Guy, both young adults, are browsing the teen music section.  They appear to be total strangers.  To be fair, I did not hear the beginning of the conversation so we’re jumping straight into the middle.

Girl: Yea, I’m gonna do something new with my hair.

Guy: That’s cool.

Girl: I’m gonna dye it black. [She already has very dark hair]

Guy: Oh, that will look nice.

Girl: Thanks.  [pause]  So how old are you anyways?

Guy: I’m 21. [starts browsing further away]

Girl: Oh, I’m 27.  [pause]  So do you have a girlfriend?

Guy: I do actually, she’s also 21.

Girl: Oh, that’s cool.

Guy: Yea.

Girl: I actually have a husband.

Guy: Oh congratulations, how long have you been together?

Girl: We just got married recently.

Guy: That’s cool.

Girl: Yea I’m very happy. But I got this scar on my arm. [She proceeds to put down her purse, pull up the sleeve of her sweatshirt, and demonstrate said scar]

Guy: Looks painful. I have these tattoos but they were on purpose. [Lifts up sleeve of t-shirt to show off bicep and shoulder]

Girl: Those are cool though.

Guy: Thanks. Well, it was nice to meet you. [Walks away]

Girl: Yea, I hope I see you around. When do you usually come here?

Guy: … [No response]