Unbeknownst to us instructors, one of my campers this summer had a super intense aversion to oranges.  He couldn’t even look at them without freaking out.  Of course, we found this out the hard way.

One day, one of my assistants ate an orange during lunch.  Like a normal person.  About five minutes later, the assistant touched the aforementioned student’s lunch box to help him clean something up.  He totally flipped out.  I’m talking screaming, tears streaming down his face, frantic gestures, the works.  And I had absolutely no idea why.  Also, did I mention he’s ten years old?

Anyways, I brought him into the classroom to calm him down and left the rest of the campers outside on an extended lunch break.  After much gibberish, the student was finally able communicate that “oranges are evil” and that “no one should be subjected to the sticky juice” and that “the outside is poison”.  Oh.  I didn’t realize that oranges had it in for ya, kid.

The issue was resolved when the assistant who had eaten the orange washed her hands as well as the student’s lunchbox.  So I guess oranges aren’t that potent after all, if the poison can be washed away with soap and water.

Real quick, can we go back to “no one should be subjected to the sticky juice”?  This could be an important life lesson for all.