One week at summer camp…  (As an aside, I think more stories should start this way. It’s a pretty great intro.)

Anyways, one week at summer camp I had a kid who asked ALL of the questions (we’ll call him Aggressive Alan) as well as a kid that didn’t like being asked questions (we’ll call him Sensitive Sam).  It made for a super fun combo.  As an example: Sam burst into tears when I asked him to clean up at the end of the day because he wasn’t done programming yet.

During lunch one day, Sensitive Sam bragged that he is the smartest kid in his class.  Wrong move, Sam.  Aggressive Alan immediately challenged Sam to answer a hard math question: What is the 2 plus 8 minus 5 plus 10 times 10 squared, and then take the square root of the whole thing and divide by 3?  Sam didn’t know, and Alan clearly had no idea what the answer was, so I’m not sure how he would have known if Sam got it right anyways.  I bet Sam could have said anything and Alan would have agreed.  But alas, Aggressive Alan kept bugging Sensitive Sam, who got really embarrassed and upset to the point of tears.  For the record, I didn’t know about all this at the time.

Then the two boys along with a few other campers were doing a classic elementary school balancing challenge on the wall, and Aggressive Alan was again bothering Sensitive Sam by being all up in his personal space.  Sam freaked out and pushed Alan away, so Alan grabbed Sam’s arm, and in a classic schoolboy move Sensitive Sam kicked Aggressive Alan in the crotch.

It was a whole situation: Aggressive Alan became super upset, and Sensitive Sam stormed away in tears (why was he the one crying?!), and I was the lucky one who had to tell their parents about it at the end of the day.  Of course, the boys were friends again ten minutes later, but their moms were less than enthused.  Freakin boys.