As you read this, Will and I are on our way to Yosemite for the weekend!  Today we are going to go play on the rocks at Chilnualna Falls, and for Sunday we have a day of guided climbing booked.  Good thing I bought new shoes!  You can never have too many shoes.  Ever.

Last time we were in Yosemite (with Will’s younger brother Jake), we started the hike on the trail but quickly got sidetracked and started climbing up the rocks and falls along the creek instead.  Much more exciting.


After about an hour of climbing, plus some lunch and playing on the natural waterslide that we found, we decided to hike back down the trail to see how far up we’d come.  In our heads it was quite a trek, but only fifteen minutes later, we were back at the trailhead.  Guess we didn’t make it all that far after all.

My favorite picture from the trip, starring Half Dome near sunset in the background: