I don’t often get riled up, but talking about AT&T works every time.  I’m not actually sure if the first half of that sentence is true, seeing as most of this blog content is me getting riled up about ridiculous things that other people do, but AT&T really takes the cake.  See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the saga.

As an exercise, I typed "AT&T sucks" into a google images search.  It's amazing how many images showed up.
As a fun experiment, I typed “AT&T sucks” into a google images search. It’s amazing how many images showed up.  Click the image to see for yourself.

In my anger and haste, I never mentioned one of the most ridiculous parts of this whole thing. An AT&T technician originally came to our house just after service had been cut off and we didn’t yet know why.  After running some tests and turning it on and off a few times (classic IT), he figured out that the problem was with the service, not with our router or anything.  And then he proceeded to take out his fancy iPad, go to the AT&T site, and start a chat dialog with one of the service representatives.

So not only did the AT&T technician have zero access to our account, he also had zero inside access to his own freakin company.  He literally had to sit there and type on his iPad, just like I would on my computer, and then wait while someone with terrible grammar who clearly wasn’t a native English speaker tried to understand the problem.  The technician didn’t have a hotline, or special website access, or any way to talk to a manager.  In the chatbox he was treated just like a regular customer, and as we all know that isn’t great.

How does this company put on its pants in the morning?!  I seriously don’t understand.