On Saturday afternoon, Will and I started out on the same 4 mile trail up to Chilnualna Falls that we tried last time we came to Yosemite during the summer.  I’m sure the falls are quite pretty, but yet again we veered off to the rocks of the creekbed right away and started scrambling.  Hiking has nothing on bouldering when it comes to fun.

I don’t have any pictures of us climbing, because I was clearly otherwise occupied, but I do have one of us cheesing at the top (and by top, I mean about an hour of scrambling which equates to roughly 15 minutes of actual trail).

Will is the coolest kid I know, especially with that hat.
Will is the coolest kid I know, especially with that hat.

And then we made our way back to our spot!

The water wasn’t running enough for the natural waterslide this time, but jumping was a go.  Also laying in the sun, and playing in this natural little hot tub.  The water was much warmer now that it’s not running as strongly.

The water slide to the right wasn't running enough to use, but it was super fun last time!
Cheesing in the “hot tub”

So that’s my ideal version of a “hike”.  I wonder if we’ll ever actually see the falls at the end of the trail.