I don’t understand why they don’t sell hamburger buns in packages of less than eight. I legitimately looked for a smaller package at two different grocery stores, because I hate having too many leftovers. All I wanted was a nice bun for my turkey burger, and I was nice and gave one to Will too, but that still leaves me with six extra buns to deal with. It’s not like we’re gonna have burgers two days in a row. So into the freezer they go.

My first solution was to make homemade croutons for a salad. They were okay, but not nearly as good as the ones made from Italian bread. Burger buns just aren’t that tasty, even honey sesame seed ones.

And then I found a better solution: French toast! Dipping in milky egg and then frying can often save any old bread from ruin. I will admit that it was a little weird eating French toast with sesame seeds, the only relic of its former hamburger bun glory. But Will can attest that ultimately the fried eggy buns tasted pretty good smothered in butter and drowned maple syrup. To be fair, I’m not sure what wouldn’t.

Only one bun to go. Ideas?!