Back to the summer camp theme for another story.

During lunch one day, a bunch of the boys were playing 4-square on the blacktop. They can literally play this game for hours. It’s incredible. It’s also a recipe for disaster.

Disagreements about who is “out” and who isn’t are a common occurrence, but usually the loudest kid wins and they just go back to playing.

However, one incident in particular led to some pushing and shoving between two best friends with the same name. We’ll call them Mini Sasquatch and Hairy Sasquatch. They yelled at each other and Mini Sasquatch ended up getting thrown to the asphalt by Hairy Sasquatch.  Cue the tears. Of course, after I got to hang out with Mini Sasquatch inside while he cried for a bit, he got up and went back outside to play. Freakin boys. Just skip the tears, will ya?!

Later during the same lunch period, Hairy Sasquatch tripped over himself and fell on the blacktop because his shoes were untied. Classic elementary school boy. He scraped himself worse than Mini Sasquatch had earlier, and yet again I got to hang out inside with a crying 5th grader. That’s karma, kid. Although I’d argue that I’m the real loser in this whole situation.