On Saturday afternoon, I convinced Will to come with me to the Tech Museum of Innovation in San José.  It’s exactly as nerdy as it sounds.  Possibly even more.

Luckily, there weren’t a ton of kids running around so Will and I got to actually play with the exhibits.  Among other things, we cracked codes, saved a factory from getting hacked, designed a roller coaster, and avoided groups of small children at all costs.  It also wouldn’t have been fair for us to participate in the balloon design contest, so we skipped that.  But I scoped out the competition and our balloon would have crushed everyone.  Just sayin’.

The museum ticket is called a “tech tag” and you can scan it at the different exhibits and then go online to see what you actually did during your visit.  I was excited about it until I discovered that it’s not actually that interesting.  Bummer.

tech activities

On Sunday, we watched a lot (and I mean a lot) of football, but it was okay because the Seahawks (finally) won and Will was so happy he agreed to go on a post-dinner walk with me.  What a guy.