I have a window in my office!  And an officemate!  We’re gonna be best friends.

Except for the fact that I only get to be there temporarily until someone more senior than me makes his way through the hiring process.  Apparently my workstation wasn’t ready in time and I took over a station meant for someone else.  Oops.

Other than that, and the fact that the badging office is useless (but still more useful than the one in France), I had a pretty good first day.  Mostly just reading through the past design reviews for the camera I will be working on, and getting acquainted with some new CAD software.  And listening to some old farts reminisce about their early days at SLAC.

For all of my five followers who care (Hi, Mom!), I definitely won’t have time to post on the blog as often, but I’ll try to do once or twice a week.  Being a real adult with a real job and a real commute (Bay Area traffic is the worst) takes a surprising amount of time.