And fun can be work?

My arms are dead from Thursday night’s lead climbing class, but Will and I are on our way to being certified to lead climb in the gym and eventually sport climb outside.  I’m super excited about it.

On the work side of things, it’s been a week and I must say, I like it so far.  For my first project, I get to make a giant (car-sized) model of the camera we are designing and building, the biggest one in the world.  Welcome to being a real engineer.  Now I’m just waiting for my first paycheck…

I’ve also started playing soccer during lunch a few days a week, and it’s surprisingly similar to the crowd I played with at Caltech—I’m the only girl, all of them are bigger than me except for one of the Asian guys, there are tons of Europeans, they yell different languages to each other across the field, and lots of cursing.  Classic semi-athletic nerdy science crowd.

Officemate update: he was in the climbing gym last night and came over to say hi and introduce me to his girlfriend.  That means we’re real friends, right?!  Making progress.