Quite literally, in fact.

Will, Carlos, Roomatt, and I went to the Stanford-UCLA football game on Thursday night and boy, did we pick a good one.  We witnessed a Pick 6 and a 70 yard pass caught for a touchdown, plus a 98 yard kickoff return, all in the first quarter.  Stanford scored a total of 8 touchdowns.  It was insane.  They ended up winning, by the way.  And Stanford player Owusu had the catch of the season all while expressing his love for the other team.  Hugs all around.

Other highlights include:

  • an elementary school-aged girl walking around with glasses painted on her face
  • the people sitting two rows in front of us that kept up a rate of 4 selfies per ten minutes for the entire first half
  • the marching band with red tailcoats and white glittery hats that were a cross between a bowler and a boater style (yes I looked it up)
I didn't take this picture, but it's a pretty good one
I didn’t take this picture, but it’s a pretty good one
  • Roomatt dropped a freshly made burger on the dirt while we were tailgating.  Party foul.
  • Stanford has someone that dresses up like a tree.  Officially, Stanford doesn’t actually have a mascot, but they do have a tree that twirls around and cheers on the sidelines.  Go Stanford?
  • The car smelled profusely of burgers on the way home.  That’s a fun way to sit in traffic.

All in all we had a great night, made even better by the fact that the tickets were free.  Thanks Stanford!