It started with the small things, as it always does.  My toothpaste fell down the drain.  I spilled water down my chest trying to take a sip in bed.  My granola bar broke when I opened it and half fell on the floor.  But then I found my car keys that had been missing for a few days, and I thought it was going to be a good day.


I had a doctor’s appointment this morning that I had to book back in mid-October because doctors are apparently in high demand.  Even though I verified my insurance with the secretary on the phone when I made the appointment, they didn’t take the insurance when I showed up at the office this morning.   And of course there is much more traffic at 9am than at 7am when I usually go in.  So that was a waste of a morning, especially because we’re in crunch time with a design review coming up.

Then I got to work and my computer was frozen.  Apparently there was a company-wide software update last night, and my computer decided to freeze in the middle and just hang out like that.  And of course the IT guys were useless, just telling me to restart my computer until it worked.  Which, ironically, it did after the 7th attempt.  That makes no sense.  I then tried to open the CAD file I was working on yesterday, and apparently it had also kicked the bucket for no apparent reason.  Luckily I hadn’t made any huge changes since my last upload to the server, so I didn’t love a ton of work.  But still.

Stanford offers a free personal training session to all employees, so I scheduled that from 12-1pm forever ago.  Of course, yesterday, another meeting got scheduled right at 1pm so I had to leave the personal training session early to run to that.  Except when I finally found the room on the far side of the SLAC campus, there was a note on the door saying it had been cancelled.  Email is a thing that exists.  Just a thought.

I finally drove back to my office to find that the parking lot I usually park in was full, so I got to park in the super far parking lot and trek in the cold wind back to my office building.  I then went to the breakroom to heat up my lunch and looked out the window only to find that a spot had magically appeared in the parking lot.

And then it was only lunchtime.  Happy Tuesday, everybody.

On the  bright side, my day wasn’t quite as bad as these guys: (click to minute 1:30 for my favorite clip)