Hi!  I’m glad you’re here.  It’s nice to know that this blog hasn’t fallen into the bottomless abyss of the Internet.

My name is Margaux.  It rhymes with cargo.  Also Fargo.  Which is a city in North Dakota, in case anyone cares.


I graduated from the California Institute of Technology in June 2015 with a degree in mechanical engineering, a passion for STEM education, some friends, and a deep resentment of problem sets.  Also more t-shirts than I know what to do with.

I spent my senior year in France, hence all the rants about the incompetence of French bureaucracy and quotable quotes that get lost in translation.  Now that I have my Caltech diploma, I’m allowed to admit how much I didn’t actually do much schoolwork while I was there.  Unless you count theatre class.

I’m currently living in Silicon Valley working at SLAC, not to be confused with Slack (and was once SLAC-er of the month!). I used to live with four male roommates, which was a party mostly filled with sportsballs on TV, but now I live closer to work and have convinced myself to bike (almost) every day.

If you want to learn a little more about me, I had to write a bio thing for work.

The point of this blog is to share some (mostly entertaining) stories from my life and beyond.  Enjoy!