The (now former) roommates

These guys show up in a lot of my stories, so I figured I’d do a quick rundown here.

Will—the football junkie

  • has a farmers tan because he’s actually out working in corn fields
  • capable of eating an incredible amount of ice cream
  • can quote every commercial that airs during football and basketball seasons because he’s watching all of the sportsballs
  • not-so-secretly wants to be a stellar banjo player

Matt—the Jersey boy

  • also known as Roomatt
  • drives an infiniti and likes to take the scenic route while escorting girls to the beach, arriving hours after he was supposed to meet the rest of us
  • spends lots of time on the couch (or anywhere, really) with his shirt off
  • plays in a kickball league (Apparently it’s a thing a lot of adult people do, which I was not aware of)

Carlos—the Spaniard

  • always late, always
  • fills the bathroom with Axe and then twirls around in it
  • looks like a puppydog
  • eats oreos for breakfast (how is he not 400 pounds?!)
  • after putting a load of laundry in the machine, he strips down to boxer briefs and adds his shirt and shorts to the laundry machine. while I’m in the room

Arnaud—the French one

  • drinks one (or three) little cups of espresso every morning, and a glass of wine with dinner every night
  • rides bikes super long distances for fun
  • greatest accent ever (come visit me in the Bay to hear it!)
  • watches Bachelor in Paradise (he claims it’s because nothing else is on, but we know the truth)
  • never wrong about sports. his predictions are spot-on, every time